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No parent or grandparent will ever deny the fact that the early years in any young child’s life is extremely special and there are always amazing memories. Unfortunately, children grow up very quickly and this is why photographs is the only sensible way to capture all of those special moments in the development process of that young child. With all the new technology photography involving small children is not only a science but also an art in its own right.

This is why it is often best to make use of a professional photographer who has been extensively trained in all aspects of photography. It is also best to make use of someone who has extensive experience when it comes to working with newborn children. Such a professional will understand issues such as lighting, staging, props, posing and editing. This is the only way to ensure that absolutely amazing baby and family portraits can be created which will remind the family of all those precious moments.

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As a professional Newborn Photographer in Edmonton, Alberta I am fully aware of the fact that it is a privilege to be invited to share in the welcoming of a new addition to your family. No other moments in life can compare to the birth of a young child.

As a professional newborn photographer in Edmonton I’ve always endeavored to apply a unique approach in order to ensure that all of the precious memories of the first two weeks in the life of your newborn baby is preserved as effectively as possible.

Newborn photography session scheduling

As a professional Edmonton newborn/baby photographer I know that the best images is captured in the first two weeks. This is the time when the baby is mostly sleeping and is often seen in many of those amazing womblike poses. It sometimes happens that babies are born early and have to spend additional time in hospital and when this happens it is important to schedule a newborn session immediately after the baby is sent home. It is also important to make reservations as early as possible in order to ensure that a photographer will be

All such reservations are placed on a calendar and we will always look forward with great anticipation to hear about the birth of that new baby. Because of the labor-intensive nature of newborn photography, we can only manage a limited number of sessions every month. Nevertheless, we will do our absolute best to get to you if your baby has already been born or alternatively we will suggest a replacement photographer.

An extraordinary experience

In most cases a photography session with a newborn can last two hours or longer and therefore there is ample time for the changing of diapers and for feeding the baby and these activities will help to ensure that the baby remain content and calm. We always ensure that the temperature in our studio is kept at a comfortable level and furthermore we have enough blankets which is regularly washed with detergents which is suitable for use with babies.

In each newborn or baby session we capture many different newborn poses and we will focus on all of those little details which are revealing the uniqueness of your baby. Professional newborn photographers in Edmonton, Canada always schedule sessions when the light is best such as in the mornings or early afternoon’s.

Professional Photography editing

Anyone with experience of photography will tell you that a portrait session is only one of the early stages in providing the completed product. When all of the photography sessions has been completed a substantial amount of time is needed to edit and process the most suitable images which will be suitable to place in your gallery or photo album. We want to provide you with a treasure chest full of amazing memories. Anyone who browse through our portfolio will quickly see that each individual image is professionally edited in order to turn that image into a genuine work of art.

The time spent on the photography session is short in comparison with the time which is taken up by editing in order to provide the final product. This is why approximately 2 to 3 weeks after your session clients will be provided with a link which will connect them to their private gallery which will contain all of the professionally edited newborn images. Clients can now proceed to select images for their own collection.

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